The story of a young person @ The Gaff

“I have been coming to the Gaff Youth Project for 3 years and during this time I have learnt many skills such as teamwork, working with younger people, taking part in activities, contributing to youth forum, taking part in cooking, sports and arts and crafts. There are always loads of activities going on that I have taken part in such as team building games, baseball, football, problem solving games, cards, board games and lots of different workshops.

The Gaff has helped me by building my confidence, getting involved in games, being a role model to other and talking to other young people. The youth workers have helped me in building my confidence by letting me take charge of any activities and to get to know the others more. They let you try again and let you have a chance and don’t judge you. They always find time to listen to your problems and help solve them if they can. They have been such a big help in my life and I cant thank them enough”

Young Person,
Aged 15