Quoakle Web Media

The Gaff Youth Project website has been designed by the creative media team known as Quoakle. The website was created using a WordPress responsive template called Accelerate.

Quoakle on all DevicesQuoakle was launched in September 2006 as the original Graphical Directory and has expanded to provide affordable website design as well as promotion. Quoakle Director, Nigel Steele, continues to be inspired with creative ideas. In 2013, the Quoakle team began developing the popular Days Out Directory – “Great Days Out”. Gloucester Restaurants is part of Quoakle’s Eat Unique. restaurant directory brand.

As a Churcham-based website design company Quoakle also trades as Churcham Website Design and is pleased to offer a wide range of quality web solutions at reasonable and affordable prices. Community Pixels is the parent company that launched Quoakle, Quoaklecards and Great Days Out. Quoaklecards are a perfect and affordable web marketing tool for businesses that want to climb their way to the top of Google. Other developments include: Character Counter – an easy-to-use tool to count characters for a document, count characters for tweets, meta title characters and characters for meta description tags and much more. This tool has been developed jointly with Gloucester-based TCD Web Design. The Quoakle team recently finished their first e-commerce website project for Stavordale.

As a business we have also been privileged to help a number of charities and educational projects. Diamond Books is a Bible-based reading project which aims to publish Bible Stories for Children that lay foundations for children’s lives not only for their reading development but also for their understanding of God and his plans.

We have recently taken on some website promotion work with a new organisation for parents – Parent Power. We also have clients as far away as New Zealand and Australia, such as Artificial Grass Sydney and Public Speaking Courses Sydney!

Quoakle’s first main client (over 10 years ago) was landscape, garden services and school service provider Greenfields Garden Services Ltd. Greenfields are respected suppliers and installers of Playground Equipment.

Another local company that we’ve been working with for a number of years is Moxham Books the Gloucestershire-based, independent book supplier with many years’ experience supplying books to schools.